Latest Innovations

LATICRETE® Leads the Industry in Innovation

For over 60 years, LATICRETE® has led the industry with pioneering advancements – developing high-performance building materials and services for architects and construction professionals worldwide. From time-tested to ground-breaking, our broad product portfolio provides superior quality and value. We are fully committed to innovation, growth, and a complete system component approach.

Here are some examples of product and service innovations LATICRETE® has developed.


We can now color-match almost any color you can imagine and deliver in less than 2 weeks! PERMACOLOR® SELECT is available in competitive comparative colors.

Don't forget - PERMACOLOR® SELECT grout is also available in 80 stocked colors, including all 40 LATICRETE® colors.

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SPECTRALOCK® Grout is the world’s #1 epoxy grout. SPECTRALOCK is a stainproof* epoxy grout that utilizes a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. Its unique cross-linking system performs like an epoxy with respect to color uniformity, durability, and stain protection and it is just as easy to use as a portland cement-based grout.

*Stain proof (residential installation only) to common household cleaners, liquids and other goods. Clean all spills immediately.

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125 Sound & Crack Adhesive

125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive mortar all in one. It is a light weight single component adhesive mortar which takes the place of costly time consuming anti-fracture and sound control membrane or mat systems by allowing for faster more effective tile or stone installation.

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