LATICRETE provides customised written tile & stone installation methods specifications for your specific requirements as well as a library of standard tile and stone installations details.

In addition, LATICRETE provides a library of standard tile and stone installations specifications for downloading, editing & use:

Swimming Pools


Streetscapes and Roads



Commercial Kitchens

Sound Control

Plazas and Malls

Rapid Transit

Stone Tile

Cement Terrazzo

    Retirement and Aged Care


    Thin Porcelain

    Cement Backer Board

    External Concrete and Balconies

    Polyester/Fibreglass Surfaces

    LATICRETE Technical Services provides reviews of project specifications, plans and project details and provides answers to questions concerning the installation of tile and stone.
    Call: +61 1800 331 012, email:technicalsupport@laticrete.com.au.

    All Specification and Details are copyright by LATICRETE and the right to copy, distribute, and utilise for commercial purposes is specifically granted to Stone & Tile Importers and Manufacturers, Owners, Property Developers, Architects, Engineers, and Specifications Writers.