125 Sound Crack Adhesive

125 Sound & Crack Adhesive provides incredible sound transmission protection while simultaneously protecting the tile or stone finish from any cracking from the substrate through to the tile or stone finish.

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Features & Benefits

  • Prevents transmission of cracks from the approved substrates to the tile or stone finish when subjected to horizontal in plane movement of cracks up to 3 mm under normal usage
  • Single component, just add water
  • Contains 33% post consumer recycled materials
  • Superior workability—equipped with lightweight technology
  • GREENGUARD certified, LEED compliant
  • Equipped with antimicrobial protection
  • "Extra Heavy" as per ASTM C627 Robinson Floor Test - TCNA


Product Information

125 Sound & Crack Adhesive is a superior crack prevention and sound isolation adhesive mortar which takes the place of costly time consuming membrane or mat systems, for faster more effective tile or stone installations. It has been independently tested; for impact sound insulation to AS and ANSI standards; for crack isolation to the ANSI specification; and as an adhesive mortar to AS ISO13007.1&2 for single component adhesive mortar. Meets and exceeds the requirements of AS ISO13007.1&2 as a C1ES2.

  • Patent #(s): United States Invention Patent No.: 6784229 (and other Patents)
  • Packaging Sizes: 11.3 kg bag
  • Part of System: LATICRETE®

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