SPARTACOTE™ FLEX XT™ is an ultra-high performance 92% solids polyaspartic coating material.

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Features & Benefits

Green-friendly LEED eligible material

Low VOC Formula


Extremely High Chemical/Stain Resistance & Durability

One-Day installation with next-day return to service

SPARTACOTE™ GRIP Traction Additive micro-media agents can be introduced for added traction

Tolerant to 300º for incidental heat contact

No hot-tyre pickup

UV Resistant

Product Information

SPARTACOTE™ FLEX XT™ is a ultra-high performance 92% solids polyaspartic coating material designed for maximum chemical and abrasion resistance. Representing the very latest in polyaspartic coating technology, XT™ is a green-friendly product with minimal odour and minimal VOCs (< 50 g/l). SPARTACOTE FLEX XT is available in a clear as well as a pigmented version and is widely utilized as a performance top-coat over traditional resinous flooring systems.

  • Patent #(s): US Patents: 6,833,424 & 7,169,876
  • Packaging Sizes:

    7.6 litre Clear Kits: Part A: 3.8 L; Part B: 3.8 L

    Clear Units: Part A: 18.9 L pail; Part B:18.9 L pail 7.6 L

    Pigment Base Kits: Part A: Short Filled 2.8 L in 3.8 L pail; Part B: 3.8 L

    Pigment Base Units: Part A: Short Filled 14.2 L in a 18.9 L pail; Part B: 18.9 L

  • Available Colors: 14
  • Part of System: SPARTACOTE™

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