LATICRETE History & Australia

LATICRETE Australia History

From the arctic to the tropics for over 60 years architects, engineers, contractors, builders & owners have field & jobsite proven the performance of LATICRETE Materials, Methods & Technologies.

Through three generations, LATICRETE, a family-owned, customer focused, world-wide manufacturer has grown to supply construction materials in over 100 Countries on 7 Continents. LATICRETE has led the construction industry by developing materials and technologies that focus on ease of use and productivity.  We are committed to manufacturing and marketing Green, environmentally friendly & safe construction materials.

Supported by in-depth technical experience and expertise LATICRETE has globally  become the number one choice of Architects & Contractors for tile, stone and flooring installations materials, methods & technology for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

LATICRETE offers a dedication to quality that results in globally proven solutions for virtually every flooring application from concrete hardeners, densifiers, decorative flooring coatings to underlayments, sound control, waterproofing, adhesives and grouts.

All of this began in the 1950s in a home basement in New Haven, CT, USA with an entrepreneur and innovator, Dr. Henry M. Rothberg and his wife & business partner Lillian.

By the mid 1960s the Australian population and economy was growing aggressively. Australian cities were thriving, skylines were growing taller as new high-rise buildings were developed.

LATICRETE arrived in Australia in the 1960s when an importer of Italian glass mosaic tiles required a method and solution for installing glass mosaic tiles on high-rise building facades. LATICRETE was the answer. By the early 1970s five of the tallest buildings in Sydney were clad with glass mosaic tiles. All of these tile facades were installed with LATICRETE materials and technology.

A LATICRETE manufacturing footprint was made in Australia in the late 1980s when LATICRETE started manufacturing globally proven Tile & Stone installation materials, methods and solutions in Australia to replace importation of LATICRETE. 

Early LATICRETE Australian projects proved the ease of use, productivity and speed of installation of the new “thin bed method” of tile installation. The durability, weather and shock resistant properties of LATICRETE installations materials proved ideal for Australia’s climate and conditions.

By the 1990s growing demand for LATICRETE products encouraged Henry B. Rothberg, second generation LATICRETE and son of the company’s founder, to move his young family to Australia. Henry established LATICRETE Australia with a comprehensive and in-depth sales, marketing, technical and manufacturing operation. 

Henry spent his time building a LATICRETE dedicated technical sales team to build on the LATICRETE brand. Focus was made on knowledge and understanding of new Laticrete methods and technologies with architects, designers, specifiers and contractors.

Today, the LATICRETE Australian Head Office and primary manufacturing facility is located in Brisbane, QLD with warehouses in NSW and VIC.

As part of the LATICRETE commitment to education and training, regularly scheduled technical and installation seminars, as well as contractor certification seminars, are conducted at LATICRETE Training Centres and other professional training venues across Australia. 

Globally, there is only one company that has been continuously involved for over 60 years in the development, production & promotion of adhesive mortar materials and technology for tile & stone. LATICRETE has earned a well-deserved reputation as the world’s industry leader in construction materials.

LATICRETE has chosen to produce innovative materials, provide customer and technical support of the highest quality and to maintain that quality.

We will continue to strive, every day, to earn your trust, and business.

LATICRETE - A Family Owned Construction Materials Company